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Arizona lawmakers have called for a “quick” forensic audit of Dominion voting machines used in Maricopa County.

Leading Arizona House and Senate lawmakers have called for forensic auditing of Dominion machines, which were only used in Maricopa County, the state’s largest county, and the only who narrowly went from President Trump to Joe Biden according to preliminary election results.

Speaker of the Senate Karen Fann and Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers, along with the new President of the Senate Government Michelle Ugenti-Rita and House Majority Leader Warren Petersen, called for independent verification of the software and Dominion equipment used in the election.

Voting machines in Maricopa County did not have their certificate of accuracy, intended to confirm that they had been verified to prevent fraud, signed by a Republican. Rae Chornenky, the Maricopa County GOP chairman who was supposed to have signed it, has resigned after being called on to step down by angry Arizona Republicans.

Shocking testimony about voter fraud in Arizona.

“As a long-time advocate for improving and modernizing our electoral system, I am pleased to hear that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is supporting the conduct of an independent audit of their monitoring software and equipment. vote, ”Ugenti-Rita said in a press release. “It is important that we maintain the confidence of the electoral public in our elections and it is a positive step in the right direction.

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“A significant number of voters believe the fraud has taken place and with the number of irregularities it is easy to see why,” Petersen said. “The allegations regarding the Dominion vendor are of particular concern. It is imperative that the county immediately conduct a forensic audit of Dominion software and equipment to ensure the results are accurate. “

The press release noted that lawmakers had made it clear to supervisors in Maricopa County the importance of moving the investigation “quickly”, given the clear and time sensitive nature of the matter.

She was joined by Representative Paul Gosar, who described the move as a “good start, if not a few weeks late”. Gosar said there should also be a “special session to assess the electoral process and restore polling day and eliminate postal voting”, allowing the institution “strict identity requirements and pre – 60 day registration so that the clerk has time to verify.

The Arizona GOP praised the decision in a tweet. “Thanks to our Republican lawmakers for stepping up and calling for #AuditTheVote,” the tweet read. “Expect vicious threats, attacks and smear campaigns. But take heart! People are with you 100%. “

Arizona GOP chairman Dr Kelli Ward told the National File it was a “great press release” but they needed to call an immediate legislative hearing with full power. subpoena to properly investigate the election as a whole.

This call for an audit by lawmakers follows the evaluation of a sample of 100 redoubled ballots by the Arizona GOP. As the National File reported:

In the batch of 100 votes, two votes were discovered which were of concern. Arizona GOP attorney Jack Wilenchik wrote in court filing that only one original ballot contained “was clearly a vote for Trump”, but the “duplicate vote transferred the vote to Biden” , while a second Trump vote was rejected entirely, due to the duplicate vote. also including a “blank” vote for a written presidential candidate.

“Thank goodness Judge Warner said he wanted to get it wrong on the transparency side and let’s look at them,” Ward said in a video posted to Twitter. “Media propagandists who say there is no evidence of fraud can now shut up.”

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