Arizona Legislature Passes Law Against Democrats’ ‘Politician Corruption Act (HR1)’

Arizona opposes the DC Democrats’ to corrupt elections from now on for a thousand years.

Breitbart reported yesterday:

The Arizona state legislature on Tuesday passed a resolution promising to challenge HR 1, the Democrats’ effort to nationalize the election administration described by opponents as “the corrupt politicians law.”

The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed the bill on March 3 in a straight-line vote, 220 to 210, and it is currently under consideration in the U.S. Senate.

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“[T]Members of the Legislative Assembly oppose HR 1 and any subsequent promulgation of the terms of this proposal and implore members of the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate to oppose the same, ”states the accompanying resolution of the Arizona State Legislature. (emphasis added)

The Arizona State Senate passed concurrent House Resolution (UNHCR) 2023 on Tuesday night, also in a straight-line, 16-to-14 vote, a month after the House of Representatives Arizona passed the resolution in another straight-line vote, 31 to 29.

We reported on HR1 – the first Democrats bill after stealing the 2020 election. This bill is the most disgusting piece of legislation ever. It is doubtful that this can even be constitutional.

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Arizona Jake Hoffman shared the following with us:

Arizona is not going to sit idly by as the Democrats in DC the takeover in American history by federalizing state election laws, effectively rigging the country’s electoral process in their favor. The people of Arizona don’t want the horrible electoral policies of Illinois, New Jersey, and California forced on them, and they certainly don’t want taxpayer-funded federal campaigns that allow federal candidates to stand. pay a salary of up to $ 600,000 on these taxpayer funded campaigns. The Arizona legislature sends a clear message to corrupt Washington politicians: shut up, sit down, and hands off our election.

Every state should pass a similar law to prevent the Obama / Biden Democrats from making the United States a communist nation.

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