Arizona Republican Party civil war continues to get weirder

Protesters shared the home address of Arizona House President Rusty Bowers on social media. They started a hashtag calling him a traitor. They went to his house honking and shouting until the police arrived.

And they were members of his own party.

When Arizona, a longtime Republican stronghold, voted for President-elect Joe Biden in November, President Donald Trump’s staunch supporters cried foul. After the state’s Republican-led government certified Biden’s victory, the Arizona Republican Party split along Trumpist lines, with Bowers and the state governor calling for reason, and more right-wing members calling for war – often against their party comrades.

After days of back and forth that saw the party’s official Twitter account suggest human sacrifice in the name of the doomed electoral effort, and one prominent elected official at least briefly appears to wish the governor dead, there is no end in sight. And the old guards are more and more afraid.

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