Arizona Senate voter fraud hearing postponed to Monday morningNews

The Arizona Senate eventually convened a full legislative hearing to investigate the irregularities found in the presidential election.

The legislative hearing, supplemented by subpoena powers to fully investigate election irregularities, was originally scheduled to be held at the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday at 9 a.m.

As National File reported, the hearing would mark an important milestone in the electoral integrity process. A previous hearing, in which President Trump’s legal team participated, involved multiple witnesses and serious analysis of the election, but lacked the full powers that a legislative hearing could provide, including subpoena power and the obligation to testify under oath.

Will this be seen as the time when arrests should have been made at all levels before a Chinese traitor ring destroyed America?

On Friday evening, the day the hearing was due to take place, Fann announced in a press release that the Judicial Committee hearing would now take place Monday morning at 9 am in order to “address concerns about electoral irregularities”.

The announced agenda will include Election Day presentations and the Emergency Voting Division of the Maricopa County Oversight Board and the Arizona Attorney General’s Election Integrity Unit, followed by discussions and questions. Given the announced agenda, it appears that the Committee will not call on anyone from Dominion Voting Systems to be interviewed, as had been suggested by comments online.

Moving the hearing to Monday had been criticized by various Arizona politicians, including Senator-elect Kelly Townsend, saying that the hearing had been made “theoretical”, because Monday is the deadline for states to select their voters.

“I can’t begin to describe how completely disappointed I am with the way things have turned out here in Arizona,” Townsend continued. “All I see is obstructionism and failure. I can say that I am proud of the many lawmakers who have taken on this task. I will remember it for a long time.

The Arizona GOP, chaired by Dr. Kelli Ward, further urged Arizona lawmakers to elect “the TOP issue” in the next legislative session. “We need to protect Arizonan’s right to vote. How can we have honest, free and fair elections if we can’t even count all the LEGAL votes? “

Anyone interested in watching the live viewing can do so through this link.

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