Armored police raid barbershop of California couple who refused to close amid COVID-19 lockdown – Dateway

A California barbershop was raided by police dressed in body armor last week after ignoring local COVID-19 lockdown orders.

Armed officials from the Consumer Department broke into the Pomp barbershop to serve several quotes to husband and owners Vicki Kirk and Dino Ballin, who called the experience “humiliating.”

“About five armed state policemen broke into our living room screaming to drop whatever you’re doing. Stop, you’re closed, ”Kirk said.

“They broke into our living room and treated it like a drug raid.”

“It was one of the worst days of my life to have this scene happen in our living room while we are only trying to work,” she added.

Ballin noted the of the lockdown of big , which can remain open during renewal of lockout orders.

“Why does a hair salon have to close, but Target can stay open and Walmart can stay open?” Where’s the connection? And what is the specific infection that you attribute to these salons? Ballin asked.

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“If there was any evidence that we should shut down, we would shut down, absolutely. There is virtually no evidence to support shutting down our industry, ”Ballin said.

Kirk said the salon, which employs 40 hairdressers, will continue to stay open.

“We just want to keep our homes. We just want to feed our families, ”Kirk said.

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