Army agrees to keep thousands of National Guard soldiers on the United States Capitol for weeks to protect corrupt Democrats who are terrified of the American people

Democrats are still afraid of the American people. At their request, the military will keep thousands of National Guard troops in the U.S. capital for another ten .

Forbes reported:

The Department of Defense agreed on Tuesday to keep thousands of National Guard soldiers stationed at the U.S. Capitol until the end of May, extending a posting that began after rioters overwhelmed law enforcement on Capitol Hill two months ago.

The problem for Democrats is when you openly display the electoral law and then institute policies that no one wants (e.g. money to Iran, bomb Syria, open the southern border, put kids in cages, pass a massive spending bill that provides donations to your friends and pays off your debts etc), then install a man as president who doesn’t know where he is and is led like a patient geriatric, you’re afraid the Americans will see through your corruption.

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Democrats complained about a southern border wall but created a wall for themselves. They ask the military guards. But they will not send the same troops to protect the border of our country!

It’s the madness and corruption of the left – Making America a banana republic.

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