Aurora pharmacist sabotaged 500 doses of vaccine in Wisconsin and 57 people took it

Health officials at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wisconsin, announced Thursday that a now-laid-off employee confessed to deliberately removing 57 vials of the COVID-19 vaccine from a refrigerator and then returning them.

Those doses, which may have been weakened outside of refrigeration, were given to 57 people before the error became apparent, officials said.

Investigators have yet to name the former employee who withdrew the vials, which contained nearly 500 doses (that they were only given to 57 people is a coincidence, officials said. ‘hospital). People who took the affected doses have been notified and there is no indication that they were injured, hospital officials said at a press conference on Thursday.

Aurora Health Care Medical Group is contacting vaccine maker Moderna to determine the effect that lack of refrigeration may have on vaccine activity.

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