Australian media on trial for hinting at Cardinal Pell’s sexual abuse trial

When Cardinal George Pell was convicted of the historic sexual abuse of two altar boys in 2018, Australian media were banned from reporting the facts of the case due to a crackdown aimed at maintaining the sins presumed Vatican no. 3 calm ahead of a second trial for sexual abuse.

But several outlets contested the order after The Daily Beast and Washington post printed the facts of the case, including Pell’s name. (The Daily Beast geo-blocked the history of all Australian IP addresses when it was published so as not to violate the removal order.) Now, seven months after Pell’s conviction was overturned by a high court, 18 Australian journalists, editors and broadcasters and 12 Australian media organizations are on trial for contempt for allegedly defying order and spreading history in what is expected to be the biggest press freedom confrontation in the era digital that Australia has ever known.

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