‘Awakened Global Fascism’ Won’t Even Let ‘Election Fraud Debate’

Sky News contributor Michael Kroger argues that the fact that the left does not allow discussion of electoral fraud is part of the “awakened global fascism” we have in the modern age, that “you close the debate, you don’t not even allow the debate to take place ”. “There is fraud in every election, I don’t think Trump’s campaign claims will get anywhere,” Kroger said. “But very clearly what the left has done in America, as it has done in other ways throughout Trump’s presidency, is say that Biden won, it’s over, he doesn’t no point discussing anything else – and that’s what they’re trying to do. “There will be fraud, there will be mistakes, but there will certainly not be enough to change the result. “This is part of the artillery of the left – stop the debate on topics we don’t like, don’t even refer to them, pretend those arguments don’t even exist.”

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