AWKWARD: After the inauguration, the bidens were excluded from the White House


The clown show continues. The Daily Mail reported that the Bidens were excluded from the White House on the day of the inauguration. President Trump’s butler was fired hours before the inauguration and no one was there to open the door.

The Daily Mail reported another embarrassing blunder during Biden’s inauguration. No one showed up at Biden’s inauguration other than the soldiers, the media, and the politicians. It showed what millions of people believe: Biden stole the 2020 election. The embarrassing day turned into a clown spectacle as the Bidens approached the White House.

Joe and Jill Biden walked through the doors and to the front doors, only to find the doors would not open.

This was apparently because the incoming administration had sacked President Trump’s butler hours before and the butler was the one welcoming guests to the White House.

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No one was there to open the doors.

How embarrassing.

To think that these people have inserted themselves as leaders of the free world.


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