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Just days ago, we wrote about a Staten Island bar finding a “creative” solution to government shutdown by declaring itself a self-governing area.

Now another bar in England is following suit with another “creative” solution: registering as a church.

The 400 Rabbits Tequila and Mezcal cocktail bar in Nottingham, England has renamed itself “The Church of the Four Hundred Rabbits” and has officially filed an official request for the bar to be used as a place of worship, according to the NY Post. .

The owner, James Aspell, now needs people to register as his congregation for the application to be successful.

Aspell wrote on Twitter: “With places of worship allowed to open at all levels, we thought f – k, let’s start a religion! It can’t be that hard! Congregation every day until late.

He said that despite the cynical tone of what he is doing, his business is really in trouble and the hypocrisy of closing small businesses is disproportionately hurting bars. “At this time of year, all the guns are usually on, but I’m rather sitting at home putting on my Christmas decorations,” he said.

Prospective customers – er – members of the congregation seem to like the idea. “The only reason I would adopt a religion. I’m there, ”one wrote on Facebook. “The only religion I would engage with,” said another.

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Of course, to really curb all this nonsense, governments could just allow small businesses to open with caution. But given the government’s expertise in the misuse of time, money and resources, we are sure that will not happen.

The world must be aware of and reject the socialist Soros puppet that is Joe Biden.

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