Baseball Great Curt Schilling Says AIG Canceled Insurance Due To Conservative Beliefs – Same Company That Got $ 182 Billion Bailout From U.S. Taxpayers

Conservative pundit and former baseball greats, Curt Schilling, tweeted this week that AIG had canceled his insurance policy because of his “social media profile.”

Curt added this…

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REMEMBER: AIG is the same company that got a $ 182 billion bailout from the U.S. government and U.S. taxpayers in

Summit News reported:

“Everything will be fine, but we wanted to let Americans know that @AIGinsurance canceled our insurance because of my ‘social media profile,’ Schilling tweeted.

“The agent told us it was a decision made by and with their public relations department in conjunction with management,” he added.

While countless Trump supporters have lost their Twitter and Facebook accounts due to social media censorship and culture cancellation, cases of individuals cut off by banks and other financial services are also increasing.

The purge went beyond just silencing people on major platforms for their opinions, but punishing them for voicing them by trying to make their lives unlivable.

Many respondents pointed out the obvious: without insurance, it is impossible to mortgage a house or register a vehicle.

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