‘Be patient,’ Biden tells a nation that’s slowly losing its mind

Former Vice President Joe Biden wants you to have confidence in the process, even if the process is slowly driving you crazy.

“We don’t have a final declaration of victory yet,” Biden said Friday night in Wilmington, Delaware. But, Biden continued, “The numbers tell us a clear and compelling story: we’re going to win this race.

Biden’s address, delivered in the parking lot of Wilmington’s Chase Center, sought to lower the temperature of a feverish nation. It was a laudable but difficult goal, especially in relation to the actions of rival President Donald Trump, who in the days following the election unilaterally declared himself the winner of a presidential election he appears to be on. point of losing.

“Be calm. Be patient. Let the process work while we count all the votes,” Biden urged. “Democracy works. Your vote will be counted. I don’t care how much people try to stop it – I won’t let it happen People will be heard.

Despite the near-universal consensus that Biden will be the next president – a street celebration protesting his impending victory in nearby Philadelphia has entered its 28th hour, with costume changes – the Democratic candidate on Friday followed a similar scenario to his remarks the day after the election, in which he said that while he did not intend to declare victory, he was convinced that he would be the winner.

Biden’s message was intended as an antidote to Trump’s onslaught of increasingly desperate lies about the election, centered on the message that despite the president’s hysteria, the laborious process of counting ballots postal voting in half a dozen states swing is legitimate – just insanely slow.

But even the man described by President Barack Obama as “the happy American warrior” has his limits.

“I know watching those TV vote counts move very slowly – and as slow as it goes, it can be numbing,” Biden said, as the cable news channel logos burned across the screens. television station of the country. But the numbers on TV screens, Biden continued, “represent the votes and voters, men and women who exercised their fundamental right to have their voices heard.”

The Biden campaign first told reporters the former vice president would deliver a prime-time ‘address to the nation’ around noon, shortly after the Pennsylvania vote count put him in his head. in the inescapable state. But those plans, made in the heat of anticipation that Pennsylvania – and therefore the election – would soon be called in Biden’s favor, languished as total out-of-Keystone votes flowed over the course of the day.

Eventually, after giving conflicting indications to various outlets of their plans for the speech, the campaign told reporters that Biden would appear in Wilmington whether or not the race was called in order to “ underline his lead and at what point he is close to winning. ”

But despite Biden’s signal that all is over except the crying, the former vice president has indicated that declaring himself president-elect – even with the math squarely on his side – would be indecently presumptuous.

More important than an outright victory, Biden said, is that fresher heads prevail in the meantime – and that means there are no more calls for an “all out war” of. from the president’s family.

“We must remember that the goal of our policy is not total, endless and relentless war,” Biden said. “It is time for us to come together as a nation to heal. It won’t be easy, but we have to try … We have no more time to waste in partisan warfare.

“I’ve said it time and time again, I’ve never been so optimistic about the future of our nation,” Biden said, concluding his speech by telling Americans he hoped to speak to them again tomorrow. “We just have to remember who we are.”

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