Ben Shapiro complains about not having enough men on Biden’s communications team

Ben Shapiro is not impressed with Joe Biden’s all-female communications team.

During his daily podcast recording on Monday, the conservative founder of Daily Wire launched what will likely be the first of many attacks on the President-elect’s new White House press secretary Jen Psaki for praising women who will make up his office.

Shapiro began by mocking Psaki for pointing out how “honored” she was to work for a man who “injected empathy and humanity” into almost every meeting they sat during the week. Obama administration.

“Which, by the way, sounds terrible,” Shapiro hissed. “You know what I don’t like about meetings is when people inject empathy and humanity.”

But what really bothered him was the tweet in which Psaki called the group of “battle-tested communicators” “the most diverse team in history and also 6 moms of young children.”

“I mean, actually, it’s not the most diverse team in history because there aren’t any men,” Shapiro moaned. “I’m just going to say if you’re all female it’s not very diverse. It is simply monolithic. “

As for the fact that all of these women are mothers of young children, Shapiro said it was something “we were told it was a bad thing when it was Kayleigh McEnany”, without explaining what he meant. . “We are told that every time a woman in a prominent position has children, it is not a good thing,” he said, unsubstantially suggesting that Democrats wanted to know why Amy Coney Barrett didn’t was not “at home with her children”.

Sunday, McEnany tweeted that President Trump “already has an ALL WOMEN White House press team,” obviously forgetting his male MPs. As George Conway tweeted in response, “It is such a strange and unnecessary thing to lie.”

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