Best Black Friday deals on products we’ve tested and loved

Over the past few years of Scouted, we’ve tried our fair share of products. The best things we’ve tried, we write. And now, as Black Friday is in full swing, we’re giving you a look at some of our favorite things we’ve tried that are on sale right now.

Blue carbon steel frying

From $ 89

This frying is the favorite of Gideon Grudo, Scout contributor, because it offers the best of both worlds: the high heat of stainless steel and the easy clean-up of non-.

W&P Porter Bowl Plastic Lunch Container

25% reduction

Luxe Core sheet set

From $ 159

Jillian Lucas, Scout Editor in Chief, said: “Nothing looked as good as these sheets right after they opened. and after a few washes. They come in twelve different designs, each of which is beautiful and will make your bed a place you will never want to leave.


From $ 250

Waffle Knit Napkins

From $ 128

Editor-in-Chief Jillian Lucas loves these napkins. Even though they don’t seem to absorb much, there is a sort of witchcraft that makes them soft, durable, lightweight, and extremely absorbent.

Hybrid mattress

From $ 1,495

This, I’m sure to say, is a perfect mattress for everyone. Hot sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, you name it. It’s because I think it’s the perfect mattress. It has springs like a traditional mattress, individually pocketed to relieve pressure points and provide specific support if needed. And then the memory foam too. Plus, it’s 20% off.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II headphones

From $ 300

These headphones have been strategically designed to drown out your surroundings while simultaneously enhancing the sound of your audio so you can rest assured that you are immersed in your own world.

Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp

15% off

I never go anywhere without this headlamp. Not only does it help see in the dark when camping or hiking, it has also completely replaced my bedside reading light. With him I can read, the lights off, all night long. It’s comfortable, has different color settings, and now offers 15% off Backcountry.

The Roku + Streaming

From $ 50

Roku’s Streaming + performs as well as it does with streaming devices. With it, you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and more – but the best part is the interface. Not only is it really easy to use, but it’s customizable and there’s a nifty search feature that lets you search for content across all platforms.

Classic Tushy

From $ 109

Scout contributor Gideon Grudo says that while he was against it early on, the classic TUSHY changed his number two routine for the better. It’s easy to install – takes around fifteen minutes – and is more hygienic and less expensive.

Let Scouted you to best Black Friday deals on all brands and just on Amazon.

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