Best cookbooks to give away this year

Is it just me or are the cookbooks back? I’ve always loved cookbooks but for a while there I was posting my recipes online. But what cookbooks lack in brevity, they make up for it with personalities that make you feel like you’re cooking with them in the kitchen, travel stories that make you feel like every bite is a different part of the world. , or a restaurant book that lets you recreate your favorite recipes at home, in my opinion cookbooks are the perfect gift. To help you pick the perfect cookbook for you and yours this holiday season, we’ve rounded up some of our all-time favorites (to gift or just keep).

Starting with a classic, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s The Food Lab is modern. Lopez-Alt is a recipe genius, but above all, excellent at explaining the science behind why these cooking methods and techniques are important and essential. There isn’t a cookbook I’ve learned more from, which makes this the perfect gift for a novice chef or seasoned epicurean (if it’s not already on their shelf).

If you haven’t taken the Pasta Grannies rabbis down on YouTube, you should. This is the book version, which includes pasta recipes from all over Italy, prepared by some of the best home cooks. This book makes pasta accessible, fun, fun, and easier than you might think. If these grannies can do it, so can you.

Another grandmother’s book, Somali chef Hawa Hassan presents 75 recipes and stories collected from bibis (grandmothers) in several African countries. The recipes themselves are almost incredibly easy to prepare and the food is transportable. Flavors that I’ve never experienced come to life, as do the stories behind those flavors. This is a cookbook for someone looking for something a little different.

This is an inspiring baking book. Ex-Enjoy your meal Claire Saffitz is both technically competent and lovingly transparent in her flaws, to create a book filled with delicious and decadent desserts. Some involve skills you didn’t know you had, but all are easier to prepare than you might think, and the feeling of accomplishment only adds to the chocolate goodness.

Nom Wah is a cookbook that reveals the secrets of Chinese cuisine at New York Chinatown’s famous dim sum spot. Filled with mouthwatering dumpling recipes, noodles, and a chicken feet recipe that I’m going to try someday, this is a perfect gift for the dumpling lover in your life.

Nicole Rucker is LA’s baked goods queen, and her cookbook lets you make some of these delicious treats at home. Even if you’re a chocolate lover, this fresh fruit recipe book has something for everyone, and best of all, the person you’re giving it to has to sort of make something with it for you, right?

It’s for the vegan in your life, or just for the healthy eater. Even as a meat eater, I’ve probably cooked in this book more than anything this year (I really like beans, okay?). It’s filled with recipes around traditional beans (the latest trend) that are delicious and will completely change your take on bulk legumes.

The new cocktail profession

Half-full contributor Phillip Greene recommends The new cocktail profession for the mixologist in your life. Among its pages you will find an excellent overview of the history of cocktails, what makes a good drink, and new drink recipes of course. The old version was considered a bible in the industry for almost two decades, and this one surely won’t disappoint you either.

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