Best Dyson vacuums, fans, hair care and more

There is one common complaint you can hear with Dyson products: they are expensive. While this is true, they are also amazing. A Dyson vacuum will make your home a lot cleaner and a fan, well, a lot cooler. If you’re looking for a Dyson product, we’ve rounded up our proven favorites.

John Brandon, a Scout contributor, says the V11 routinely fixes all of the problems encountered with stick vacuums. This one is extremely powerful, has a longer than average battery life, and has an automatic mode that senses how much it needs to use to clean properly. John writes that it was a smart buy because “I know the V11 will last. It’s not meant to be a basement relic.

Scout Collaborator Rachel Krantz says this fan will do a quick job of your most stuffy and stalwart room. It’s not just a fan, it’s also an air purifier. It’s small and powerful, can rotate 70 degrees, and lets you project the air precisely where you want it. For Rachel, it’s an all-in-one white noise machine, air purifier, and air conditioning unit.

Dyson Pure + Cool humidifier

Every season I felt like I was pulling a new device out of the drawer. But not since I got this 3 in 1 machine. Not only is it a great fan, but it’s also a humidifier and air purifier. You would think that this might not be the best fan, not the best humidifier, or the best air purifier, but it turns out that it is the best of the three I’ve tried, so it turns out. makes it obvious.

Scout contributor John Brandon says this light is so good it made him want to read books and magazines more than usual. Not only is the light incredibly bright, but “the Lightcycle will adjust its brightness and color temperature to match the daylight in your specific area.” You can of course adjust it manually. John also likes the motion sensor, so the light is always ready, when he needs it.

Dyson Corrale Straightener

Scout Editor Jillian Lucas says this hair straightener does all the work for you. She writes, “The Dyson Corrale’s plates are flexible, allowing them to adapt to the shape of the hair so you don’t have to go over the same section of hair a million times just to straighten it. ” Plus, it heats up extremely quickly and you can even get a nice natural wave with it.

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