Best Election Giveaways For Politics & Campaign Addicts

The 2020 election cycle was one for the books.

Many of us exhausted by partisan bickering, political stunts, and the constant flow of news reports and social media posts. If you’re ready to take down Twitter and retire to a desert in November, we don’t blame you.

But those who love drama (and horse racing) just can’t get enough of it. Fortunately for them, the 2022 (and 2024) campaigns are fast approaching. In the meantime, here are some gifts that are sure to please the political junkie in your life.

A mask of political declaration

Because you can never have too many masks on hand, why not help a friend take a stand and stay safe this winter? Like political opinions, the options are plentiful. Republican or Democrat. Biden, Trump or someone else. Or take the single issue route, with statements on everything from abortion to guns. And for those already pivoting to 2022, a VOTE mask will have a lot of clothing after the election.

Documentary “Slay the Dragon”

The presidential election dominated the debate this year. But 2021 will bring another big political battle. Redistribution, the ten-year redistribution of state and federal political maps, kicks off in all 50 states next year. The stakes are huge. Prepare your political fanatic friend for action with this documentary about the often controversial process.

A love novel by Selena Montgomery

Stacy Abrams Stan in your life has probably read The Rising Political Star’s Book on Leadership, but what about the Georgia Democrat romance novels? Yes, you read that right. When not running for office or pushing for the right to vote, Abrams wrote some scorching prose under the pen name Selena Montgomery. With titles like “Reckless” and “Hidden Sin”, they promise to be just as exciting, if not more, than a political thriller.

Reagan Bush ’84 Vintage Style Unisex T-Shirt

Get back to basics with a vintage campaign. Options available on Amazon include a throwback to the Clinton-Gore campaign of 1992 and what is perhaps one of the most memorable, albeit unofficial, presidential slogans in history: “You Can’t Lick Our Dick “Whether you choose a style to honor the recipient’s political hero or to mark a historic contest, the classic designs are sure to please.

What can you do to get the person on your list who thinks they know all about politics? A session with the real pros, of course. MasterClass, the online learning platform, offers a popular course featuring Karl Rove, the strategist considered the architect of many GOP victories, and David Axelrod, Obama alumnus and communications guru. Other options for the government junkie in your life include Doris Kearns Goodwin, a prominent US Presidency expert, and economist Paul Krugman. Just be warned, people who know all of this might really know it all once they go through these videos.

Founding Fathers Whiskey Glasses – Set of 7

These glasses are the perfect gift for the political history buff on your list. Each includes the signature and quote from a founding father. These glasses are sure to spark conversation, whether toast to victory or wallow in defeat. Bonus points if you combine the set with a bottle of whiskey, as James Madison would have liked.

Political campaign button puzzle

With the election season slowing (for now) and the coronavirus pandemic continuing to rage, winter could seem bleak for the election lover in your life. Why not spend the long, dark days with a puzzle filled with campaign history? At 500 rooms, that’s sure to keep them occupied until the of and inauguration day pick up the political pace. The photo is from the Busy Beaver Museum in Pennsylvania, a non-profit institution that showcases American history through buttons. Perhaps a post-pandemic journey to the swing state will be in store once this challenge is completed.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Ornament

Fans of the “Notorious RBG” are undoubtedly mourning the loss of the late Supreme Court justice and feminist icon. Help your friend keep her memory (and legacy) alive and on display with a holiday ornament honoring her life. The message “Women have a place in all places where decisions are made” is a message that everyone can appreciate. And for the friend looking to continue the fight in Ginsburg’s honor, this “Merry Resistmas” version is sure to resonate.

Inspire “good trouble” for the young person in your life with this series of graphic novels on the civil rights movement. The blockbuster trilogy tells the story through the eyes of the late representative John Lewis, who co-wrote the project. With reviews like “a touching and important achievement” and “an extraordinary presentation of an extraordinary life”, it is sure to educate and please.

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