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Let’s face it: opening a bottle of wine (it’s not a twist) is a little harder than it should be. There is no shame in buying something that will make it easier and faster, which is why I am obsessed with this Secura Electric Wine Opener, a $ 22 gadget that has seriously improved my wine tasting experience. wine.

As a waitress for over seven years and who was told once she would be fired if she didn’t learn how to properly open a bottle of wine at her table, I’m a little embarrassed to say I’m still awful to using your standard bottle opener. After destroying more than a few corks, I decided to ditch it and invest in an electric wine opener. And after reading a few reviews on Amazon, I was delighted to find that I didn’t have to invest at all – the Secura electric wine opener was highly rated and was cheaper than some of my wine bottles.

I obviously bought it immediately, and I will probably never open my wine otherwise. It’s incredibly easy to use and has everything you need. There are two buttons: one opens a bottle of wine in seconds, the other releases the cork in one piece. All you have to do is place the opener on the wine bottle, press the button and you are good to go. While I can’t promise that it will fit all bottles of wine, I haven’t encountered a problem so far.

It also comes with a foil cutter, which is a nice detail, and it’s very compact. It sits neatly in a small holder that also has a slot for the foil cutter (so everything can be together), and can be left on the counter for easy access. It’s actually pretty stylish too: it’s silver and black, and when it’s charging, it gives off an electric blue color. The battery life is excellent – once the charge can open up to 30 bottles, so you don’t have to worry about it dying all the time. And I love that it sits on the charger, so you can’t forget to charge it.

Honestly, I don’t know why it took me 30 years of my life to buy something that would make opening a bottle of wine so easy and quick. I haven’t had to ask anyone to help me open a bottle in months, and I don’t have to feel pressured into having a twist-off just so I don’t have to argue with a taffy. plug. For regular wine drinkers I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Secura electric wine opener

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