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They have a few names – emergency bag, go-bag, bug out bag, survival kit, etc. – but whatever name you call an emergency survival bag, I call owning one a good idea. In an emergency that requires you to flee your home, having a bug out bag handy could mean the difference between a few days of serious inconvenience and a few days when you have food, water, first aid. base and shelter you. need to pass OK. (And don’t stress it too much, but we could even talk about life and death, so if you’re about to buy one… you know….)

Anti-bugout bags are essential when a sudden disaster strikes, and especially a disaster that cripples local emergency response capacities, such as forest fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. At other times, like with hurricanes, for example, you see the problem coming, but you don’t know how bad it could be. Then there are also those emergencies that only affect a few, like a house fire, but could still leave you in a situation where you are not empty-handed just because of your travel bag.

The current coronavirus pandemic is another good example of why to have an emergency survival bag on hand. No, the virus is not like a tornado or an earthquake that ravages the earth and sends people fleeing from ruined homes. In fact, leaving the house is anathema to the advice of medical professionals who try to push this situation off. So why a go-bag now?

Think about this: what if there is a fire or flood in your home? Or a carbon monoxide leak in your building? Or if your roommate gets sick and you need to do more social distancing than sitting on the other couch? In the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving your home is not as easy as usual; Usually, if you have pants and a credit card (or a smartphone) in hand, you’ll be fine – check in at a hotel, do your shopping, that’s okay.

For now, however, if you have to leave the house in a hurry, you should really avoid coming into contact with other people, so a bag full of water, food, and basic survival gear could allow you to take shelter in the car or your impromptu camping trip all the more bearable.

The Rescue Guard Survival Pack is an ideal choice for the couple or small family who want to be prepared to be safely independent for about three days. It contains water, freeze-dried food, a first aid kit, emergency shelter and survival blankets, and a lot more equipment, including masks that cover the nose and mouth. If you have a larger family, opt for the Advanced pack. If you’re solo at the moment, Basic should be fine.

Whatever bag you take with you (and of course there are many brands out there), know that your survival kit remains incomplete when you receive it in the mail. You need to think about your personal needs and those of the people in your household. Stockpile needed medicines, baby supplies, extra contact lenses or an old pair of glasses, and so on. Anything you and your family members really can’t do without for a few days should be stored in this bag so you know you never have to.

Rescue Guard Basic Survival Pack

Rescue Guard Advanced Survival Pack (no food or water)

Rescue Guard Advanced Survival Pack

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