Best hand vacuum for small messes

In the New Year, I implemented the One Minute Rule (taken from Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.) If anything can be cleaned up in a minute, do it – it will help your future self. . This goes for the dirty dishes, the laundry piled on the chair in the corner of my room, and the coffee grounds strewn on the floor in a sleepy morning mist. Laundry and dishes weren’t a problem, but spills are a whole different issue. Dirt, dust and crumbs – all of these hit my counter or floor every day. Since I live in a small space without a lot of rugs, I have never found it necessary to buy a large vacuum cleaner. But recently I decided to follow this new rule and found the perfect vacuum for the job.

The Eufy HomeVac is a small vacuum cleaner that is about the size of a water bottle. It has enough suction power to clean up any mess I put in its way, from potting soil and potato chips to dog hair. But his real skill is precision. It comes with a 2-in-1 extension. The crevice tool helps clean hard-to-reach corners, and the gliding brush is perfect for getting tiny specks of dust off my keyboard. All of this is a snap as it is also extremely light, weighing just 1.3 pounds. Just about every day, I turn it on and clean it up quickly. Once it’s full, the head twists and the filter pops out for easy cleaning. Every two weeks I rinse the filter and let it dry, load it and like magic the vacuum is new again.

Before I had that, I’d probably take out my broom and sweep up mess like this or worse, ignore it. But soon enough I couldn’t afford to ignore them and, even as I cleaned up, it felt like some of the mess was left behind. But a vacuum like this was the perfect solution. Now, with the help of my eufy HomeVac, my apartment is spotlessly clean and I don’t have to worry about – or ignore – cleaning.

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