Best new launches from Yamazaki, Burrow, Snow Peak, etc.

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Riley Home Textured Cotton Pillow Shams: Do you know when you see a picture of something and can imagine yourself in it? This is what this textured cotton collection will do. Just looking at these pieces will make you imagine waking up on a Saturday morning, bundled up in your blankets. These new pillow shams will take your bed to the next level of comfort.

Riley Home Textured Cotton Pillowcase

Icon Snow Peak x Pendleton blanket: If you need a remarkable blanket that will also keep you warm and warm, this is the collaboration you need. Snow Peak partnered with heritage brand Pendleton to create a woven blanket with a pattern inspired by the traditional Navajo “Mountain Majesty”, made between 1920 and 1940.

Icon Snow Peak x Pendleton Blanket

Yamazaki face mask dispenser: If you like disposable masks, this is a great addition to your home. It’s like a paper towel dispenser but for masks, and doubly so beautiful. Fill it out and take one with you every time you leave your home. Now, there is no excuse to leave the house without a mask.

Yamazaki face mask dispenser

Burrow Range Collection: Burrow makes some of the best Direct to Consumer sofas on the market, and they recently launched the Range collection. The sofas are minimalist and you can customize them, with new open seating designs and new accessory tables.

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