Best performances of 2020, from Riz Ahmed in ‘Sound of Metal’ to ‘PEN15’ Ladies and Beyond

Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle in PEN15

It’s a tall order to play 13 year olds when you’re in your 30s and not make it seem like a big, hilarious and – let’s be honest – exhausting joke. But Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle are so believable and genuine playing college versions of themselves that within seconds you forget that they aren’t actually pubescent tweens going through their toughest years. life. Season two of PEN15 allowed the couple, who co-created and also wrote for the series, to delve even deeper into the high-stakes trauma and, in hindsight, the hilarity of life at a time when emotions are greater than your heart cannot take it. They perform physical miracles, twisting their bodies to perfectly embody the awkward awkwardness of growing pains. But it’s the way they make everything feel so real – and exactly how you remember it – that is truly remarkable. —Kevin Fallon

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