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It’s cold. I wear comfortable socks, sweater, and pants inside, but there’s one big addition I’m making to my house as we move into the colder months: a portable heater. I’ve never needed it before, but now that I’m working from home it’s hot all day. With a heater (approved for indoor or outdoor use), you can heat your home office and patio if needed. They are easy to transport and, more importantly, safe. So that you can stay warm throughout the season, we’ve rounded up some of the best portable heaters you can buy.

Easily the most stylish radiator of the bunch, this oscillating fan delivers 1,500 watts from an extremely minimal design. You can opt for the heat circulation setting or have sweeping airflow, which makes it blow air like a fan.

This portable heater is approved for indoor / outdoor use as long as the room is 225 square feet. It uses propane but don’t worry it has an automatic shut-off valve in case it tips over, a flip-up handle and burns cleanly

De’Longhi oil radiator

Think of this baby as a radiator on wheels. It can pump 1500 watts of heating power for absolute comfort and quiet, and can be easily moved anywhere. It’s virtually maintenance-free – just plug it in and feel the heat.

Keep your bedroom warm all night long with this tower heater. It wobbles, so hot air will fill the room, but the outside stays cool to the touch. In addition, the electronic thermostat allows personalized control.

Vornado Vortex space heater

This radiator has two settings. Low which pumps 750W and High which doubles that. You can control the fan speed to determine the level of circulation, and best of all, the heater is extremely portable and stylish.

Comfort Zone fan assisted tower

With top-mounted controls and two quartz tubes, this radiator produces heat that heats up and does so efficiently. This is ideal for medium sized rooms and will heat people and objects directly in front of it. It is also easy to transport from room to room.

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