Best Self Help Book for 2020

I scrolled through the many “saved for later” items that I had put aside and forgotten in my Amazon cart and deleted any unpurchased temptations. It was then these words that stopped me in the middle of cleaning the cart: Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later. In these days, words that boost mood are a definite necessity, so I immediately added it to my cart and checked out because I knew it was an impulse buy that I wouldn’t regret. Because it’s more than your average speech of glued positive affirmations – it’s much better. Adam J. Kurtz has put together a lively pep talk that you can personalize and develop as you grow. Think of it as collaborative, cathartic motivational work between you and the author, explicitly tailored to your emotional needs.

Come get me is filled with inspirational memos, prompts, and mini-tasks that will make you laugh and smile while serving as little reminders to take a break every now and then because you and you deserve it. need he. Simply fill in the blanks to create positive perspectives that aren’t coming from anyone other than yourself. After all, who better to give you personalized advice than you? This book serves as a guide to help you find your light if you have misplaced it. You don’t even have to start from the beginning. Instead, you can jump to a random page and follow through. None of the happy pages are alike, but all are released in their ability to gently elevate your self-awareness. Today I opened a page that asked, “What’s the nicest thing someone has said to you lately?” It turns out that a lot of beautiful things have been said to me lately. In fact, so much that I ran out of space on the line provided and quickly forgot about the long day I just spent. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on what’s not so great, but Come get me has been there for me to point out the pretty amazing things that have a way of being overlooked. It’s a little exercise that has helped me change my outlook every day that I use it.

My favorite part of this book, besides its strong mood-boosting ability, is its “now and later” component. You will visit (and revisit) Come get mepages of. And in doing so, you will witness your growth and change, and that in itself is extremely motivating. While you sometimes feel like you’ve stopped moving forward, especially lately, these pages will document your progress. Anytime you feel stuck in a rut or at the bottom, you can open the book and see that you are still moving forward. This is a vital and uplifting awareness that we all need to hear from time to time. And that’s also what makes Come get me the most comprehensive self-help book I’ve come across. It is the companion that will lift your spirits in the present and help you safely put away the fool that 2020 has been. And then he will accompany you into the new year and the future after that.

Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later

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