Best vinegar rinse treatment for shiny hair

Ever since I was a kid I have always had a strange fixation on using my pantry for beauty needs. If scented sea salt scrubs and milk and honey baths were supposed to be good enough for Cleopatra, then they are a perfect fit for this 21st century girl.

The problem, however, is that sometimes you run into sticky situations, literally. I accidentally cooked a little egg in my hair, and once I forgot to add a preservative to a DIY body cream and was greeted with a bunch of moldy goo. Either way, I definitely did the vinegar hair rinse, which makes your hair crazy for shine, but it’s seriously stinks.

Having lucked out with K-Beauty hair care products in the past, I was intrigued by MellowTouch’s Clean & Soft Apple Hair Vinegar, newly available on Amazon for under $ 20. Aside from helping you achieve shine, it also claims to help clarify and exfoliate your scalp, ridding it of product build-up, dry lumps, and oil. Thought I would put worse things in my hair so I went for it.

At shower time, I washed my hair, then opened this giant bottle of vinegar goodness and gave it a puff. It certainly has a slight vinegar smell, but the scent leans more towards consuming an apple at a laundromat. I sprayed my hair with the substance – which is pretty fine right out of the bottle – and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing and deep conditioning my ends.

Then I let my hair air dry about 80% as usual, then did a blow-dry and curl session for a little COVID party. My husband actually commented on how good my hair smelled and noticed it was very soft and shiny. I’ve since used the hair rinse three more times (the company recommends using it about once a week as a treatment) and I’m officially hooked. I am also very grateful that there is no lingering sour smell in my head in the days following treatment as I would be stuck inside smelling it.

Mellow Touch Clean & Soft Apple Vinegar Hair Rinse

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