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The British Film Institute, the UK’s leading film organization, has launched an ad for one of its top jobs: director of the BFI Film Fund. Scroll down to see the full display.

The role, which has been vacant for more than a year after Ben Roberts assumed the role of BFI CEO in late 2019, includes leading lottery funds’ strategic investment and promoting diversity. The job specification also calls for more investment in episodic work and new media.

Many of the BFI’s leading roles to date have been viewed as “Jobs for Life”, a move rejected by those who want more voice diversity. In this case, however, the role has a fixed term of 3 years “in order to maintain the diversity of voices and approach the management of the film fund”.

The BFI’s largest production and sales awards for 2020: “Kensuke’s Kingdom”, “Blessing”, Covid Support Grants

Recent investments by the BFI include The souvenir, Saint Maud and The boy who used the wind.

Ben Roberts, CEO of BFI, said: “This is an exciting time to lead the film fund. The quality of UK films released last year has been superb and storytelling and printing has never been more urgent. This is an important role that carries a significant responsibility – supporting exceptional independent filmmakers, ensuring openness in approach, and most importantly, celebrating the diversity of the work we support. We are looking for someone with a vision, who will lead a highly talented team and point the fund into the future. “

Job advertisement of the BFI Film Fund:

Director of the BFI National Lottery Film Fund

c £ 100,000 package including pension and benefits

Fixed term for 3 years with a possible extension for a further 1-2 years

We encourage and support flexible working. This role can be located anywhere in the UK. Scheduled trips to BFI locations are required, including our London headquarters.

The director of the BFI National Lottery Film Fund will determine the strategic and cultural direction for our National Lottery Funds investment in filmmaking and new work, ensuring that we represent the true breadth and diversity of independent filmmaking in the UK, aligned with the broader direction of the BFI mission and strategy.

The BFI has a distinguished tradition of supporting groundbreaking new work, from Isaac Julien’s Young Soul Rebels in 1991 to Rose Glass’ St. Maud in 2020. You will continue this practice, supporting filmmakers and projects that truly embody the independent spirit.

We are looking for a brave leader with a true breadth of vision, experience in creative storytelling, and a passion for representation.

The role includes:

· Our national lottery investments in film production and development through the film fund

· Our national talent development programs delivered through BFI NETWORK and other partnerships

· Our support for producers – also through the BFI Vision Awards

· Our support for documentaries, which is currently offered in collaboration with the Doc Society

When we take a deeper look at storytelling on screen, you are also responsible for designing and refining our approach to supporting episodic, interactive and immersive work. This means harnessing the potential to create culturally rich narratives through new forms and anticipating emerging opportunities in emerging media.

You will also work closely with colleagues from the BFI London Film Festival and the BFI National Archive on commissioning strategies.

We strive to create opportunities for everyone and strive for the fullest possible involvement and representation in all areas we do. The BFI diversity standards encourage change and best practices in on-screen display and creative leadership. We have representational goals for all of our funds.

Our investment in new work and emerging talent is a fundamental element of that commitment. You will stimulate, nurture, and challenge the team as you continue to lead on inclusion. This means embracing the new in all its forms and welcoming the radical as much as the regular.

You and your team will work with the CEO and BFI colleagues – and across industries – to ensure the best possible conditions for a healthy, independent UK sector.

Given the influential nature of the role and in order to maintain the diversity of voice and approach in the management of the Film Fund, this role is limited to three years and can be extended for an additional 1-2 years.

The BFI is currently reviewing its operating model. The role is currently expected to report to the board of directors, with an interim report to the CEO, until the new leadership team is established.

You will enjoy benefits such as our pension system, excellent support for working parents, 28-33 days of annual vacation, tickets to BFI festivals and events, and many others.

Further information on the entry is available at

The application deadline is Thursday, February 4th, 2021.

The first interviews will take place in the week from February 15, 2021.

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