Biden AG Pick Merrick Garland Says He Would Support Work With Congress To Restrict Free Speech Online – Dateway

Joe Biden’s attorney general candidate Merrick Garland signaled during his confirmation hearing Monday his willingness to work with Congress to restrict free speech online.

During the hearing, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) Asked Garland if he would be prepared to fight “online disinformation” that he said contributed to the Capitol Riot that he called it “domestic terrorism”.

“I think every opportunity the Department of Justice has to work with members of the Senate, to think about how to solve problems and write legislation is one we should take,” Garland replied.

Garland said he would prefer to monitor “extremist groups” to see what information they consume, perhaps before Congress censors it entirely.

“I don’t have any particular legislation in mind in this area, I think an important part of investigating violent extremist groups is to track their activities online and get a feel for the type of information or disinformation disseminated. I look forward to talking more with you, ”he said.

Garland added that he would support an independent panel similar to the 9/11 Commission to investigate the Capitol Riot, but only on condition that it does not interfere with the DOJ’s ability to prosecute those involved.

“I think the 9/11 Commission was very helpful and very helpful in understanding what happened then, and of course Congress has full authority to conduct this kind of surveillance investigation or to set up a independent commission, ”Garland said.

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“The only thing I would ask if I was confirmed is to ensure that this commission’s investigation does not interfere with our ability to prosecute the individuals and entities that caused the storming of the Capitol, ”he continued,“ so with these caveats, I certainly could not object to anything Congress wanted to do in this regard.

Watch Garland’s Full Confirmation Hearing:

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