Biden and America’s mental illness is on full display

Photograph by Nathaniel St. Clair

Just three weeks ago, our new “transformative” president Joe Biden joined this long, almost unbroken list of war criminal presidents stretching back to George Washington.

Biden joined this shameful list by ordering a bloody aerial bombardment by US fighter jets in eastern Syria.

The US bombs, which were reportedly dropped at a site in the town of Erbil, according to the British daily The Independent, killed up to 22 people in the targeted buildings (assuming all the bombs landed on their targets). Most if not all of the victims were Iraqis described by the United States as part of two “Iranian-backed militias” accused of being behind a rocket attack 10 days earlier that killed an American mercenary and injured a Louisiana National Guard. The Pentagon called the attack, which used seven 500-1b bombs, a “proportional response” to that earlier attack, which raises questions about the meaning of “proportional” (or what the hell dictionary they are using at the White House).

The Oxford Dictionary defines “proportional” to mean “corresponding in size or amount to something else”, but it seems unlikely that a rocket attack by a militia group or two could come close in explosive power to seven bombs. totaling nearly two tons of explosives, and in addition, 22 dead are unquestionably disproportionate to the number of casualties of one dead and one injured.

Aside from the ridiculous misuse of this term by the Pentagon and reporters who dutifully scribbled it in their notes and quoted it in their briefing reports without comment, there is one other point that was left from side: that those who were killed, even if Iraqi, were there in Syria at the behest of the Syrian government. The killed American mercenary and the wounded American soldier in Syria were in that as invaders, in violation of both Syrian national sovereignty and international law.

That’s why Biden made himself another American war criminal president.

But Biden didn’t stop there. After killing these 22 people, who could well have included innocent civilians, possibly even children, who could have been in some of these buildings, a few weeks later, he called Vladimir Putin’s Russian “killer. In a classic potty call. -the-black-kettle-moment.

Ray McGovern, the former CIA analyst and expert on Russia who co-founded the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity group, points out that George Stephanopoulos, the ABC News speaking , provided Biden with the opportunity of the name during of an interview when he asked the stupid and unnecessary question. : “Do you think Russian President Putin is a killer?”

Biden of course answered stupidly and hypocritically: “Yes”.

In McGovern’s view, this whole incident was probably a deliberate set-up by someone in the State Department or the Pentagon who wanted to further strengthen US-Russian relations, and I think Ray got it. It’s not hard to imagine that to be the case, given the way that ABC, like the TV station’s other major news programs, employs retired Pentagon and Departmental officials. State as paid news “commentators”. You can just imagine one of them saying, “Hey Steph, why not ask Biden if he thinks Putin is a killer?”

Now that Putin is pissed off, Biden can’t back down, and we’re off to a race at the start of a new term with a childish stalemate that will involve any sort of serious negotiation to ease tensions between the world’s two nuclear superpowers. difficult if not desperate. Great job George, you have the impostor sucking thumb of a real journalist! You have just given an example of how what Ray calls “MiciMatt” (it stands for Military Congressional Intelligence Media Academia Think Tank).

If the bet to insult Putin works, it is worth at least an additional $ 100 billion for the Pentagon’s already-record large coffers for the next fiscal year.

It’s just another sign of the insanity of everyone involved – Biden, Stephanopoulos and, damn it, Putin too.

At least the United States is well and truly crazy. Earlier last week, we had the insanity of an angry white man in Atlanta deciding, at least as he explained to police, that seven Asian women in multiple licensed mall spas, some of whom were pretty old to receive Social benefits, must have been blown away by him because he felt they were taunting him with their beauty and making him have “bad thoughts”. He had no other alternative, he said, but to kill them to keep them from tormenting him like that.

I really can’t decide who’s crazier, President Joe Biden or Robert Aaron Long. Biden is foolish to disparage a foreign leader with whom he surely knows he has to engage in serious negotiations, at least if there is hope of reducing the risks of war and the certainty of this bankrupt nation, not to mention the worsening human rights catastrophe in a Syria torn by civil war. And Long is crazy, like many , to think that a bunch of Asian women just trying to make a living by relieving joint and muscle aches and pains deserve to die (along with an unhappy bride who, along with her husband, was going a side-by-side massage wedding gift for him and hers, and stood in his way.

The truth is, the whole of the United States needs mental health counseling. Half the celebrates installing a man in the White House who apparently still lives in the Cold War era of the 1960s with a foreign policy and people appointed to national who, together seem determined to create two enormous enemy nations, Russia. and China, both armed to the teeth, instead of trying to establish peaceful relations with those two countries. Meanwhile, the other half of the are predominantly white racists who want to prevent people of color from voting and view anyone who is not white, regardless of their birth or U.S. citizenship, as unlawful intruders. to be here, and as deserving of being beaten, harassed or even killed. They are also, for the most part, people caught in a delusional fantasy that the last election has been ‘stolen’ from their hero, Donald Trump, a merchant so absurd that it’s hard to see how anyone – at least anyone a sane one – might take it seriously.

As the globe heads for a catastrophe that could lead to the extinction of humanity, or at least the collapse of what we call civilization, and possibly the extinction of much of the world. terrestrial biome, it is a crisis situation.

The United States may only represent 4.25% of the world’s population, but it is by far the main provider and instigator of violence in the world. It is also one of the biggest and most ruthless producers of pollution in the world (especially if you include the share of pollution produced in China, Indonesia, India and other third world countries in the manufacture and shipment of goods purchased by U.S. residents). Let this focus on issues as mistaken as a totally unnecessary arms race, military clashes and imaginary threats, and internal affairs that are not its own business, with such an existential crisis facing states -United and all mankind is not just depressing. . it is infuriating.

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