Biden boasts of having “the most comprehensive and inclusive anti-electoral fraud organization” – Dateway

In an interview last month, Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden bragged about having an “electoral fraud organization,” in a comment that has come under new scrutiny as the US elections unfolded.

Biden’s raised eyebrow comment came during a conversation with Crooked Media on October 24.

“Second, we’re in a situation where we’ve put together – and you did it for President Obama’s administration before that – We created the largest and most inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

At the time, Biden’s comments were already turning the heads of Trump loyalists, including the president’s press secretary. Kayleigh mcenany and Eric trump, who both posted the clip on Twitter.

While Biden may have benefited from the doubt at the time due to his apparent cognitive decline, now, as the election appears to be dragging into an unprecedented fourth day and reports of shenanigans abound, his comments seem more disturbing than innocent.

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