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The Biden / Harris campaign is accused of sending a brace from Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris to a campaign event in Florida on Sunday.

The allegations came after Florida 21st District reporter and congressional candidate Laura Loomer filmed the alleged double body arriving at the Lantana branch library in Palm Beach for a meeting with voters.

“It’s not Kamala Harris. It doesn’t even look like him, ”Loomer says, describing the person wearing the Kamala pantsuit and face mask.

After the event, Loomer pursued the duplicate body and two people who appeared to be fake Secret Service agents who escorted her to a limo.

“It is very misleading for voters to send the duplicate body,” Loomer tells the three as they leave the premises. “Very misleading. He’s a fake Kamala Harris.

Internet detectives compared photos of Kamala Harris with the duplicate of the alleged body and concluded that a lookalike had been used.

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The GateWay Pundit also found a post on Facebook seeking an actor to play the role of a member of the Secret Service “to flank me as Kamala”.

“Palm Beach County, Florida: Looking for a Secret Service type male or female actor with a black suit (we can provide glasses and a tie) at PBC for this Sunday 1-5 to work with another Secret Service member to flank me as Kamala, ”the post states.

Loomer, who runs in the district where President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort is located, is reportedly up in the polls against incumbent Democrat Lois Frankel.

If the Biden campaign is indeed sending duplicates, the question remains: why?

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