Biden cancels event in Texas after Biden staff member wipes out MAGA Caravan Escort – Dateway

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign canceled an event in Austin, Texas on Friday following a confrontation with a caravan of Trump supporters escorting his tour bus.

A Biden supporter filmed a conflict between a white SUV and a pro-Trump van along the freeway behind Biden’s tour bus, suggesting the incident was a ‘attempted homicide’ by the Trump supporter .

But as One America News’ Jack Posobiec noted, the SUV (driven by a Biden staff member) drifted down the middle of the lane of the truck, pushing the truck toward the curb, before the truck attempted to return to the sidewalk. middle of the lane, hits the SUV.

Another angle of the incident shows the SUV crossing into the right lane before colliding with the pro-Trump truck.

No one was injured in the incident, but the white SUV appeared to be damaged.

Now, Biden’s campaign and the liberal media claim that it was the trailer of Trump supporters that put Biden’s team in “danger” despite video footage showing otherwise.

“Rather than engage in a productive conversation about the radically different visions Joe Biden and Donald Trump have for our country, Trump supporters in Texas have instead decided today to put our staff, our surrogates, our supporters and others in danger, ā€¯Biden said. director Tariq Thowfeek said The daily beast.

Biden campaigned in Flint, Mich. On Saturday, while Trump made several campaign stops in Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden is just a blunder machine …

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