Biden ends campaign on a flat note as POTUS ends strong – Dateway

Two videos showing the final campaign speeches of Donald Trump and Joe Biden highlight the drastic difference between the candidates.

After Joe Biden’s last speech, the Democratic candidate tried to tell the crowd, “By the way … one last thing,” but was silenced by the music played at the scene and left annoyed.

Meanwhile, President Trump wrapped up his fifth rally of the day Monday in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

POTUS gave a speech which went on until late Tuesday morning as a crowded crowd cheered him on.

“A vote for Biden is a vote to give control of government to globalists, communists, socialists and rich liberal hypocrites and all those who want to silence, censor, cancel and punish you,” he said. declared to the public. “If you want your children to be safe, if you want your values ​​to be honored, if you want your life to be treated with dignity and respect, then I ask you to go to the polls tomorrow and vote, vote, vote . “

“Remember what I said four years ago: ‘I am your voice and we will make America even greater,’ Trump said.

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The crowd responded with a resounding chant: “Another four years! Four more years! “

Watch the latest Trump rally below:

The line for Trump’s Grand Rapids rally was miles long!

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