Biden envisions ex-Obama Hawk to ‘solve humanitarian crises he helped create’ – Dateway

Reports suggest Joe Biden is considering appointing former Obama official Samantha Power as head of USAID, the government’s relief agency, prompting critics to accuse she would be tasked with resolving crises humanitarian organizations that it created in the first place.

Axios reported that Power’s appointment “would mean that the Biden administration plans to revitalize foreign aid and use it as an instrument of soft power and to achieve humanitarian goals.”

“Foreign assistance”.

“Sweet power”.

A rough translation might read “interventionism” and “globalist domination”.

Power, officially a member of the Obama / Biden National Security Council and most recently the US envoy to the UN, oversaw the disastrous intervention in Libya, working closely with Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, then secretary. of State and Ambassador to the UN.

And we all know how it happened.

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Power has also strongly supported the US intervention in Yemen and Syria under Obama.

Power recently wrote that he believes Biden should “pursue foreign policy initiatives that can quickly highlight the return of American expertise and competence” and do so in a “very visible” manner.

For a translation of “expertise and competence”, search for “interventionism”, and for an example of “highly visible” see the aforementioned interference in Libya.

In the Foreign Affairs article, Power wrote that “it means less rhetorical emphasis on the abstract cause of ‘liberal international order’ and more practical demonstrations of the United States’ distinctive ability to deliver.

In other words, less talk, more intervention.

The potential appointment follows a trend for Biden, who has so far signaled he will bring back a military-industrial complex that Trump has tried to wipe out.

Biden’s foreign policy team has vehemently supported every disastrous military intervention over the past two decades:

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