Biden follows Trump’s example and races to line up his judges

After four years of watching Mitch McConnell’s Senate approve a parade of mostly white, mostly male, mostly corporate lawyers for life seats in federal courts, the new Biden-Harris administration is rushing to fill the judges’ positions federal and diversify the bench to include the public. defenders, civil rights lawyers and labor lawyers.

“These are the types of lawyers we need to see more of,” says Chris Kang, co-founder of Demand Justice, a progressive advocacy group. He congratulates President-elect Joe Biden’s new White House legal adviser Dana Remus for warning Democratic senators in a pre-Christmas letter about doing their part to fill 43 vacancies in the courthouse. district by recommending candidates who match this new diversity by January 19. “It’s kind of revolutionary to place those markers and do it before his administration even takes office,” Kang says.

Kang, who oversaw judicial appointments to the Obama White House, said that “there is no doubt that President-elect Biden is taking a much stronger, more assertive approach to rebalancing our justice system. Remus’ letter asks Democratic senators to submit three names representing professional diversity within 45 days of each vacancy in the district court.

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