Biden Insider to release audio of agents begging him to remain silent on corrupt overseas business transactions – Dateway

Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, will reveal explosive recordings of agents working for Joe Biden’s campaign, literally begging him to keep quiet about the family’s questionable foreign trade deals, claiming that what Bobulinski knows how to “ bury ” everyone involved.

Bobulinski will appear on Tuesday night on Tucker Carlson’s show, which will be devoted in its entirety to the subject of the Bidens’ foreign agreements.

During the appearance, Bobulinski will discuss the “new allegations” regarding the Bidens.

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Bobulinski has previously revealed texts and emails that there have been coordinated attempts to hide Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business relationship:

Bobulinski claims that a professional email that mentions the “Big guy” refers to Joe Biden himself:

“It was clear to me that Joe Biden’s involvement should not be in writing, but only face to face,” Bobulinski announced last week, further emphasizing that “I do not wish to bury anyone”.

Owen invites and Joe Hoft from Gateway Pundit to the War Room to cover their latest breakup story on the still-developing Hunter Biden scandal.

Bobulinski, a former Navy lieutenant, turned on the Bidens after it was revealed in a Senate report that they had received a $ 5 million interest-free loan from a now bankrupt Chinese energy company.

The former Biden insider claims he was introduced to Joe Biden by Hunter and that they discussed business plans at length with the Chinese.

Bobulinski claims Joe Biden was “quite familiar at least at a high level”.

On Monday, President Trump noted that Joe Biden was either “really stupid or he’s lying”:

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