“Biden is gentle and weak and too scared to be president” – Dateway

Speaking on Tuesday in key Wisconsin state, President Trump spoke of the ongoing riots and looting in Philadelphia, saying the city was “torn apart by radicals supporting Biden.”

After nearly 100 people were arrested on Monday evening, chaos continued on Tuesday, with widespread crime and violence:

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Addressing a large crowd of supporters, Trump proclaimed that “Biden stands by the rioters and I support the law enforcement heroes,” adding, “And you know what, they can do their jobs very easily. , just let them do their job. ”

“He has declared war on the cops and it’s not working too well,” Trump continued.

Biden did not condemn the riots, once again reinforcing Trump’s claims that he and Kamala Harris have pledged to disband police and appoint anti-police prosecutors in Democratic strongholds.

“It would tie the hands of every police officer in the country,” Trump said.

The President once again reaffirmed his belief that the murder of a police officer should be an offense punishable by death:

“Joe Biden made a corrupt deal in exchange for his party’s nomination,” Trump added, stating that Biden “ceded control of his party to the raging Marxists and left-wing socialists, and could we put a Other name. it starts with a c. Communist.”

“Sadly, if Biden wins the flag, the extremists burning in the streets will lead your government,” Trump warned.

Deanna Lorraine reports riots that tore Philadelphia apart

Trump also accused Biden of being too weak to be president.

“Biden is gentle and weak and too scared to be president,” Trump said, urging, “He doesn’t want to be president, let’s be honest. There is a lot of bad body language.

Referring to Biden putting a ‘lid’ on the campaign, Trump said, “He doesn’t want to be president. Thing about this job, you have to want it. You must want it. It’s hard. It’s difficult. “

Trump called on his supporters to come together and prevent such weakness from prevailing.

“We did not come this far and we fought so hard to return our country to the corrupt Washington swamp,” he said.


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