Biden meets small group of supporters 20 minutes from home after calling campaign ‘cover’ – Dateway

After officially denouncing the events of the campaigns in person, Joe Biden met a small group of supporters in Pennsylvania just 20 minutes from his home.

More than a week before the election, Biden visited a field office and voter activation center in Chester, Pa., With video footage showing little more than a handful of supporters in attendance.

The presidential candidate was asked about his “light public schedule” by a reporter, to whom he responded by saying that every day is a 12-hour shift.

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However, the media were dutifully available to excuse Sleepy Joe’s lethargy, with Bloomberg News’ Jennifer Epstein saying her behavior “fits the pandemic mood.”

Biden then accused Trump of “producing super spreaders” by maintaining a busy travel schedule.

As Biden retreated to his basement, Trump embarked on three campaign stops, visiting Allentown, Lititz and Martinsburg.



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