Biden must be prepared for the disaster. We mean it literally.

The incoming Biden-Harris administration will face a long list of disaster-related issues – and we’re not just talking about the urgent need to tackle the still raging COVID-19 pandemic.

When Hurricane Iota made landfall in northeast Nicaragua as a Category 4 storm last month, it became the 30th named storm this year alone – setting a record for a year also marked by some of the worst fires of forest never before seen, as well as a plethora of storms linked to , severe droughts and various catastrophic events across the planet. By September, the United States alone had already counted 16 separate billion dollar storms.

It should also be remembered that until the pandemic has taken root, the prevailing impression may be that disasters are indeed more frequent and severe – but invariably. local. It was the Gulf or the west coast of the United States that was affected. It was then.

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