Biden needed 130% of the vote to ‘win’ Arizona, Trump needed -30% to lose – Dateway

Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist, engineer, politician, entrepreneur and quadruple graduate Dr Shiva Ayyadurai delved into the vote tabulation data for Arizona’s 2020 presidential election during the electoral integrity hearing of the ‘State Monday.

Dr Ayyadurai revealed that pattern recognition software that attempted to reproduce the curve of the total votes reported by Joe Biden could only match the reported results if the votes for Biden were counted at a rate of 130% – in d in other words, each Democratic ballot counting as 1.3 votes for Trump’s 1.0.

Dr. Ayyadurai’s software tried many solutions to replicate Biden’s vote count curve in 734 Arizona ridings, and “the only one we could come close to the match was this, and I want it all. the world is examining it carefully. The interesting possibility that we find here is that when the Democratic percentage is 130% Mr. Biden, and -30% Mr. Trump… it fits perfectly. Almost perfectly. The slopes match, the curves match the shapes match. “

“So what this tells us is that this demographic breakdown of the allocation of party affiliations is what can generate that, and I find that highly implausible because it means that Mr. Biden got 130% of the votes. Democratic voters and that President Trump got a 30% negative result, ”Dr Ayyadurai said.

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Dr Ayyadurai found that there were two possibilities for such an implausible degradation: either there was a demographic niche of Biden independent voters that existed beyond the ability of the computer model to reproduce the curve, or the Biden’s votes were multiplied by 1.3 (130%).

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In the latter scenario, President Trump’s vote total would have to be reduced by 30% in line with the 130% earned by Biden, a scenario could only occur by swapping pre-existing votes between the two candidates.

“So basically the votes were eaten up by President Trump and handed over to Mr. Biden,” Dr. Ayyadurai noted.

The doctor’s full presentation, as well as other presentations of evidence of vote tampering, can be viewed below.

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