Biden, Pelosi: Floyd was a saint who gave his life for righteousness and looks down from heaven

Biden, Pelosi: Floyd was a saint who gave his life for righteousness and looks down from heaven
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After a jury falsely found Derek Chauvin guilty of “murdering” drug addict George Floyd on Tuesday, country’s top two Democrats sanctified professional criminal and declared him heaven.

President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi almost said Floyd was a saint who, like Jesus Christ, died for sin of racism. He looks down from above and has “sacrificed” himself for justice.

Thinking Americans who know truth about Floyd must wonder when and if Democrats will achieve ultimate madness.

Biden: Floyd “look down”

Biden falsely said Floyd’s death from an overdose and severe cardiovascular disease “was a murder in daylight, and it kept whole world from seeing systemic racism … that’s a stain on soul of our nation; knee on the neck of justice for black Americans; the deep fear and trauma, pain, exhaustion that black and brown Americans experience every day. “

Biden On Chauvin

That was bad enough, but Biden continued:

The guilty verdict won’t bring George back. But through pain, they find meaning, so George’s – George’s legacy concerns not only his death, but also what we must do in his memory.

I also spoke to Gianna … George’s little daughter again. When I met her at George’s funeral last year – I’ve already said that – I told her how brave I thought she was. And I knelt to hold her hand. I said, “Dad is looking down on you. He is so proud. “She then said to me – I’ll never forget -” Papa changed the world. “

Well, I said to her this afternoon, “Dad changed the world.” Let that be his legacy: a legacy of peace, not violence – justice.

Unsurprisingly, Biden repeated Floyd’s repeated screams “I can’t breathe” before he died while Chauvin held him back. This latest battle cry resembles the false narrative the left wrote in self-defense after the cop shot at the hoodlum Michael Brown. Back then it was “hands up, don’t shoot”.

Pelosi: Floyd is like Christ

But Pelosi’s remarks were just as bad.

Pelosi spoke to Floyd’s daughter and said Floyd’s “name [is] synonymous with justice and dignity and grace and prayer. “

“We thank God,” continued Pelosi for the guilty verdict. “We thank Jesus for praying to him all along, right darling?”

But like Biden, Pelosi had to keep going:

Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice, for being there to call your mother. How heartbreaking was this call to your mother: “I can’t breathe?” But because of you, and because of the thousands, millions of people around the world who work for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice.

The real George Floyd

Floyd’s real “legacy” of borrowing Biden’s is a little more complicated.

On the day he died, Floyd tried to pass a fake $ 20 bill to a shop clerk. When Chauvin and other police arrived to arrest him, he resisted. He complained that he couldn’t breathe In front Chauvin pushed him to the ground because, as he told the cops, he had overdosed on fentanyl, an opioid and respiratory depressant that was at least 50 times stronger than heroin.

“I ate too many drugs,” Floyd seemed to be saying. Unsurprisingly, investigators searching the patrol car where Floyd was briefly arrested found a pill that contained fentanyl, methamphetamine, and Floyd’s DNA. They found other pills in Floyd’s SUV.

The coroner told a prosecutor that Floyd took a fatal of fentanyl and that Floyd’s autopsy revealed “no life-threatening injuries”.

In other , Floyd would be alive if he hadn’t overdosed and resisted the police.

Floyd was a drug addict and violent, facts the judge refused to let the jury hear.

On May 6, 2019, Floyd ended up in the hospital after swallowing drugs when police tried to arrest him. In 2007, he robbed a woman by holding a gun to her stomach and then watched an accomplice gun whip the victim.

Commentator David Horowitz, a former leftist who promoted the totalitarian revolution in the 1960s that promoted the radical left under the guise of “Black Lives Matter,” noted that no one really believes Chauvin “murdered” Floyd:

“If, like President Biden, you believe that Chauvin murdered Floyd, you have to believe that an official of the law in possession of his skills would murder a person while dozens of cameras – many of them hostile – were filming the event “, he wrote. “Nobody in their right mind actually believes that.”

Justice wasn’t the problem in the Floyd case, wrote Horowitz:

For the Black Lives Matter and Antifa … [the] The problem is always the revolution. The lynch mob doesn’t care about George Floyd or black lives. They have no interest whatsoever in justice or injustice, including this one. Their stance is: How can we use this case to advance our real agenda of overthrowing the American political and economic system and establishing a totalitarian state?

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