Biden Placard drops during the campaign event – AGAIN! – Dateway

Another the campaign sign fell at a recent Joe Biden rally, which is another bad omen for the campaign.

The latest incident happened when Jill Biden launched an argument for a “public health insurance option” in Macon, Georgia on Monday.

The audience began to cheer strangely as the panel came off the podium and hit the ground.

The same propeller malfunction occurred at a previous Biden event in Cleveland, Ohio.

This instance was even more symbolic, as the fallen sign read “Rebuild Better”.

Joe tried to play on the incident, telling the audience to ignore the show, and then walked off the podium without answering questions.

All in all, the fall of a campaign sign is pretty insignificant, but as stated above “it’s a good representation of the Biden campaign” – and it’s never, not once, happened to the President Trump.


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