Biden plans to ‘claim control’ as president-elect if declared winner by news agencies – Dateway

Joe Biden plans to address the nation and “claim control” as president-elect if he is declared the winner by news outlets, even though President Trump has refused to give in.

“If news agencies declare Joe Biden the mathematical president-elect, he plans to address the nation as his new leader, even as President Trump continues to fight in court,” Axios .

The move is a deliberate attempt to make Biden act like the winner, even if there is a dispute over the outcome.

According to the report, Biden will then begin making senior executive appointments in a that would “move at unprecedented speed.”

Trump supporters will no doubt see this as an attempt to cheat by prematurely declaring victory, which Democrats also say Donald Trump will attempt.

As we pointed out yesterday, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon asserted that “In no scenario will Donald Trump be declared the winner on election night.”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has also said publicly that his state will not final election results until three days after election day.

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“I don’t care what Donald Trump says, we’ll count these appropriately to be certified,” Shapiro said.

As we pointed out previously, pro-Biden Hawkfish analyst firm previously claimed that President Trump is likely to appear to have won in an election night landslide, but could lose after the election night. counting the , which “ will take days, even weeks. “



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