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Biden plans to open borders, overturn Trump immigration decrees – Dateway

If his election were certified, Joe Biden plans to open America’s borders to a drastic degree while overturning virtually all of Trump’s immigration and deportation decrees.

A CBS News report highlights how a Biden administration will completely suppress everything the Trump administration has done to ensure border security and limit illegal immigration.

Among Biden’s actions if he reaches the Oval Offices will be the following;

– Impose a 100-day freeze on evictions.

– Order US immigration and customs authorities to refrain from making “collateral arrests,” meaning that illegal immigrants who have not been convicted of a crime will be protected.

– Drop Trump’s policy of requiring non-Mexican migrants at the southern border to wait the length of their US asylum claim in Mexico.

– Withdrawal of the three bilateral agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras which sent rejected asylum seekers to these countries.

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– Accept requests from “refugees” considered to be “categories of children at risk” and allow them to reunite with their families in the United States.

– Removal of anti-terrorism travel and immigration restrictions imposed on 13 predominantly African or predominantly Muslim countries.

– Reverse the Trump administration’s policy of restricting migration due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Increased refugee admissions (15,000 per year under Trump) to 125,000.

– Introduce amnesty legislation allowing approximately 11 million illegal aliens already in the United States to legalize their status.

“All this was done administratively by the [President’s] executive authority, and therefore a new executive can basically throw them out and start from scratch, ”a source close to Biden’s plans told the network.

Good luck, America.



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