Biden slammed for saying the best way to beat coronavirus is to ‘wear a mask all the time’ – Dateway

Joe Biden was heavily criticized Thursday for saying during the presidential debate that the best way to beat COVID-19 is to “wear a mask all the time”.

Biden accused President Trump of having “no comprehensive plan” to combat the virus and said his plan was to “make sure everyone was encouraged to wear a mask all the time.”

As has been comprehensively noted, masks are not a solution to the virus and were almost universally dismissed as an effective weapon against it from the start, before governments grabbed hold of the concept and started giving them the mandate to give the impression that they were taking action.

Many were quick to point out that wearing a mask all the time is not a plan:

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Damn, why not wear TWO masks all the time?

Biden also said he was “going to stop the virus, not the country,” but then declined to rule out another lockdown:

Trump responded by stating that “everything [Biden] talks about closures, ”further noting that the most economically dire conditions have been brought about in states like New York, California, Pennsylvania and North Carolina by Democrats. “They are so closed and they are dying,” Trump urged.

“We have to open up our country,” the president continued, adding: “We are not going to have a country. You can’t keep this country closed. It is a massive country with a massive economy. You can not do this. People are losing their jobs. People are killing themselves. “

“The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself, and it is. And [Biden’s] will shut down the country, ”Trump proclaimed.

Earlier in the debate, the president said, “we can’t lock ourselves in a basement like Joe does”:

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