Biden supporter harassed and assaulted by racist BLM mob outside his home – Dateway

Images uploaded to Twitter show an angry mob of BLM protesters confronting Portland, Oregon residents at their home.

A man, who displayed a Biden / Harris 2020 sign in his backyard, was upset to find himself accused of “white supremacy” despite his leftist political beliefs.

“Here’s my sign Biden. Don’t destroy anything. Be peaceful, ”he told the crowd, responding:“ F * ck you! “.

“Nobody cares what you think of white ass,” a woman shouted with a megaphone.

“Who do you think you tell black people how to protest you f * cking privileged old man white ass,” the racist woman continued.

Another person in the crowd shouted, “Asking for a peaceful protest is white supremacy! Asking people to be peaceful is white supremacy!

When the Democrat stepped out of his porch to engage in dialogue with the protesters, he was accused of “inciting violence”.

Insinuating that the man was in danger, a protester told his wife standing on the porch, “Go get your husband!” Come and get your husband, my brother.

After he was told to “Go home f * ck”, by a girl who was in his face, he tried to explain once again that he was “on their side”.

Hearing this, a young woman lowered her mask and shouted, “No you are not!”

Then one of the BLM / Antifa hooligans grabbed the man’s phone and fled, resulting in a chase and a brawl.

After the brawl, the video ends with Biden’s supporter begging the violent extremists to return his phone.

This should show moderate Democrats that the far-left mob rampaging across the country will inevitably destroy them as well.

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