Biden swings for fences, targets black vote with last-minute visit to Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden visited this city the day before the election at the behest of Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) in a last ditch effort to motivate enough grassroots voters to come forward. present against Donald Trump in Presidential State. won easily four years ago.

“When Sherrod tells me to come to Ohio the day before, I’m coming,” Biden said in Cleveland on Monday.

“Ohio, one more day.”

The day before the former vice president’s arrival, campaign officials kept the background of the event vague, sharing only that there were plans to “encourage the people of Ohio to vote.” But the fact that Biden was pressured into entering Cleveland, a Democratic-friendly city, indicates a willingness within the party to appeal to black voters in a state where their participation could be decisive.

Ohio polls show a bite between Biden and Trump. The two were actually together in the city for the first presidential debate – just before Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19. The current tension has prompted Biden’s team to add a stop to their schedule while campaigning in neighboring Pennsylvania, widely seen as a must-have win for him, for the rest of the day.

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