Biden takes over as Trump in Pennsylvania, Democrats say he’s now unassailable

Joe Biden has taken over as President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania – a position which, unless Trump manages to pull a late shock off the state’s mail-in ballots, looks set to land the former vice-president. president in the White House.

A new batch of results from Philadelphia on Friday morning saw Biden overturn Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania on the same day the Democrat also passed the president in the historically red state of Georgia. Based on the number of remaining ballots in Pennsylvania and their home country, Democrats don’t believe Trump has the votes to recapture his lead.

Biden’s state of birth holds 20 electoral college votes. If, as now seems very likely, these now fall back into Biden’s total, he will exceed the required 270 and be able to declare victory in the election.

The latest numbers show Biden leading Philadelphia by 5,587 votes.

Trump held a 675,000-vote lead in Pennsylvania early Wednesday, which led him to declare the state’s victory baseless the day after polling day. “We are winning Pennsylvania enormously,” he said at the time of the White House. “We won 690,000 votes in Pennsylvania. They are not even close. It’s not like, ‘Oh, that’s close.’ “

In Georgia, Biden now leads with more than 1,000 votes – but, with the race so close, the military polls, which are expected to tip for Trump, could give the president a chance to regain his lead once counted. Either way, it seems inevitable that the state is heading for a recount. If Biden takes Pennsylvania, he won’t need the victory in Georgia.

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