Biden takes the lead in Georgia at 4 a.m. from mail-in ballots, three days after election – Dateway

Joe Biden took over as President Donald Trump in Georgia at around 4:16 a.m. early Friday morning with over 99 percent of the vote.

President Trump’s strong lead was slowly reduced within three days of the election following postal votes from predominantly Democratic strongholds.

Clayton County Democratic stronghold ballots barely pushed Biden overboard.

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Owen and Steve Pieczenik talk about the sting operation Trump launched on Democrats in the Deep States and what will happen next.

Trump had a solid lead in the state and looked poised for victory until it was revealed early Thursday morning that there were “50,000 to 60,000” ballots left to instead of the 25. 000 that had been previously reported.

Early Thursday, Democrats received another boost after it was reported that officials in three Democratic strongholds forgot to “click the download button” on their ballots.

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Two weeks ago, Joe Biden boasted of having established “the largest and most inclusive electoral fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

[Header image by Gage Skidmore]

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