Biden threatens sanctions against Nigeria for failing to embrace ‘LGBTQI +’ agenda – Dateway

Joe Biden issued a presidential memorandum threatening African countries with “financial sanctions” for failing to adhere to the LGBTQI + agenda.

The memorandum calls on federal agencies to “ and expand their efforts to address discrimination, homophobia, transphobia and intolerance on the basis of LGBTQI + status or conduct”, with an annual report detailing the state of LGBTQI + rights in countries around the world.

The memorandum further adds that countries considered “contributing to a of intolerance” will suffer consequences, “notably by using the full range of diplomatic and assistance tools and, where appropriate, financial sanctions, restrictions of visa and other actions ”.

In a speech announcing the memorandum, Biden asserted that this agenda of forcing the LGBTQI + agenda on other countries “would repair our moral leadership.”

Many of the countries exposed to sanctions are deeply conservative Christian nations in Africa, such as Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya.

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Nigeria’s Daily Post detailed how the memorandum could impact the nation of Nigeria, which enacted a ban on same-sex marriage in 2014 in defiance of demands from the Obama administration:

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Nigeria is classified as a homophobic country due to its anti-gay stance which is increasingly criticized by global rights groups.

Recall that despite pressure from former US President Barrack Obama, former President Goodluck Jonathan signed the law on the prohibition of same-sex marriages in January 2014.

Whether the current administration in Nigeria will bow to pressure from the US government and revisit the country’s anti-gay marriage law remains uncertain at this time.

The memorandum also addresses refugee policy, noting that the administration will “expedite the resettlement of highly vulnerable people” – defined as LGBTQI + people – as refugees in the .

President Trump is exceptionally popular in the West African nation of Nigeria. A Pew 2020 poll showed that 58% of Nigerians trusted Trump’s leadership, while only 30% did not. In the streets of Nigeria, portraits of Trump wearing military uniforms or traditional African clothing are commonly sold, along with Trump’s book, The art of the market, being one of the bestsellers in the country. In October, Nigerian Christians held a parade in the town of Onitsha in honor of Trump.

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